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Article writing homework help

4 pages:

Give a synopsis and analysis of the manner in which people with disabilities are represented in “The Story of Luke.” You may want to analyze the role(s) the person with disabilities plays using the seven common stereotypes  identified by Biklen and Bogdan (1977). These are: 1) pitiable and pathetic, 2) supercrip, 3) sinister, evil and criminal, 4) better-off dead, 5) maladjusted, his or her own worst enemy, 6) a burden, and 7) unable to live a successful life.  Some of these were also used in the video.

Give a synopsis and analysis of the manner in which the film portrays people with disabilities. Some potential questions you may want to answer are:

  1. Does the film promote stereotypes of the past or does it enhance the image of people with disabilities?
  2. How does the film relate to any of the discussions and reading we have had so far?
  3. Was the film made before the ‘disability rights movement?’ If it was, how does that affect the way the person or persons with disabilities is viewed or represented?
  4. What stereotypical elements are portrayed or not?
  5. Is the person with disabilities a superhero or a victim, or both?
  6. What was the film trying to accomplish?  Was it successful or not? Why?
  7. Does the film use people with disabilities as actors? Did this make a difference?

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