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Biological And Cognitive Psychology Presentation.

Hello you are not online so im sending you a message of what i need done. Once you get online let me know i will post it and pay you. So you understande this is a group assignment i was choosen to do the introduction and conclusion. The assignment is as follows.

The relationship between biological and cognitive psychology with an emphasis placed on the contributions that Karl Lashley and Donald Olding Hebb have made towards the establishment of neurological-psychological theory.

Prepare a 10-12 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you discuss the topic you selected for your Biological and Cognitive Psychology Presentation. Use presenter notes in each slide for more in depth explanation. The speaker notes for each slide should have 200-300 words in them and have in-text citations. The slides can be bullet points.

The speaker notes for each slide should have 200-300 words in them and have in-text citations.

The introduction needs to discuss.(see below) Introduction must be strong .

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