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Civil Engineering homework help

Making Stuff Assignment
Due Date: April 29 (Wednesday), 2020 (Due by midnight)
Total Points: 8.00+2.00 (Extra credit)
Task: Watch the following videos produced by PBS and NOVA with
the Materials Research Society (MRS):
• Making Stuff Stronger –
Alternative link:
• Making Stuff Smaller –
Alternative link:
• Making Stuff Cleaner –
Alternative link:
• Making Stuff Smarter –
Alternative link:
The videos can also be found by searching “Making Stuff PBS”
on Google. The first result should link to the videos. The
videos are approximately 1 hour each.
Assignment: After watching the videos please:
Materials Engineering I EGN 3365 Spring 2020
a. Write a short description of each video, commenting on current
technology as well as the future prospects of the materials discussed
(no more than one page each video)
b. Pick one of the following materials and describe its basic properties,
production, characterization, applications and references (no more
than 10 pages including references, a few figures and/or tables).
 Nanomaterials for multi-functional applications(e.g. nanoparticle,
nanowire, nanotube)
 Bio-inspired/bio-mimic materials
 Photonic crystals
 Nanocomposites (eg. Kevlar) for multi-functional applications
 Self-healing materials
 Self-cleaning materials
 High-entropy alloys
 Metallic glass
 Shape memory alloys
 Superalloys
 Cellular materials
 Piezoelectric materials
 Nanomaterials for biological applications
 Nanomaterials materials for energy application
 Any other smart/new/advanced materials
Tips for the write-up:
1. Watch the videos
2. Google/wiki
3. Search keywords on ‘Web of Science’ from USF library.
4. Summarize the findings in your own words (turnitin will be used for
plagiarism check).
c. Please submit your write-up in word doc or pdf directly on canvas
before the due date (April 29 2020). There is no required format for
this writing, a font size of 12 is recommended.
d. (Extra credit) Please make power point slides (no more than 10)
to illustrate the main points (title, name, introduction, basic
properties, preparation of materials, applications) related to your
write-up. Then record a video of your explanation of the power
point slides and send all the documents in one zip file
Materials Engineering I EGN 3365 Spring 2020
directly to the TA before the due date. These videos will be published
on our YouTube channel.
Additional tips:
1. Making Videos from PowerPoint Presentations
2. Tutorial on how to remove background noise using Audacity:

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