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Compare and contrast two documentaries or movies.

Compare and contrast two documentaries or movies (or one of each) by examining areas of analysis.
Review chapter 5 in From Criticai Thinking to Argument. Remember that comparison/contrast means to
discuss how they are similar and how they are different. Essays can be organized in one of two ways:
one side at a time or point by point. The analysis must be supported by outside sources including movie
reviews. Sources will be cited using MLA documentation method (see chapter 7 in our book). An outline
will be required before the rough draft.
Analysis areas can include – plot, message, setting, characters, acting quality, endings, comedy
(physical/verbal), book adaptation success, construction (narrators, voice overs, point of view,
organization,etc.), costumes, music. Pick and choose to use whatever seems most important/relevant in
the context of your comparison. The paper should clearly be a comparison of the two (not an analysis
and then another analysis.)
There must be a reason for the comparison. For example, you could compare/contrast two comedies
about education. You could use two comedies starring Adam Sandler. You could compare a comedy with
a drama because they both have the same message. You could compare a movie based on an actual
event with a documentary about the actual event. You could compare an early movie with a remake or a
movie with its sequel. There must be a reason for the comparison. Each student must submit a plan: a
short description ofthe two movies/documentaries and then a rationale for the use of them by 10/2.
Each final essay must be at LEAST FOUR PAGES in length. Final essay packages will include outline,
rough draft, peer sheet, final draft with works cited page and sources used (including notes from the
documentaries.) Essays MUST be submitted in a pocket folder. Essays are worth 75 points and will be
graded on organization, information, and documentation. A more thorough rubric will be distributed as
the peer sheet.

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