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“Key Performance Indicator: Data about write-offs of accounts in most recent month, quarter, year.

Key Risk Indicator:  Analysis of reported financial results for the company’s 25 largest customers or general collection challenges throughout the industry that highlight trends signaling future collection concerns.”

A reason of developing an effective set of KRIs is to recognize relevant metrics that provide functional awareness about potential risks that may have an impact on the achievement of the company’s objectives. Therefore, the selection and design of effective KRIs begins with a firm clench of company objectives and risk-associated events that might impact the achievement of those objectives. Linkage of main risks to prime strategies helps pinpoint the most relevant information that might work for as an effective main indicator of an emerging risk. In the simple illustration below, company has an objective to achieve more profitability by improving revenues and reducing costs. To do this, they have identified four strategic enterprises that are critical to achieving those objectives. Different critical risks have been identified that may have an impact on one or more of four key strategic initiatives. Mapping key risks to main strategic initiatives puts management in a position to begin identifying the most critical metrics that can serve as leading key risk indicators to help them oversee the execution of core strategic initiatives. As shown below, KRIs has been identified for each high end risk. Mapping KRIs to high-end risks and main strategies redeems the likelihood that management becomes preoccupied by other statistics that may be insignificant to the achievement of company objectives.

Example: “A buffet-style restaurant chain monitors gas prices to identify sales and profitability trends that may signal the need for modifications to sales strategies. “



Strategic Initiative

Potential Risks

Key Risk Indicators

Strategic Response


Increase earnings through revenue   increases.

Promote premium buffet options to   attract additional customers.

Customer income levels and   discretionary income drop and prevent customers from visiting restaurants or   from selecting premium buffet options.

Trends in per gallon gasoline prices   in the chain’s geographic markets Trends in oil futures prices

Revise marketing to promote more   “value” options if gasoline price trends are rising.

Topic: Chapter 7 – “Turning the Organizational Pyramid Upside Down Ten Years of Evolution in Enterprise Risk Management at United Grain Growers”

Overview: Few companies stand out as successful pioneers in enterprise risk management (ERM), especially one that undertook the initiative almost 15 years ago. One such ERM pioneer was United Grain Growers (UGG), a conservative 100-year-old Winnipeg, Canada– based grain handler and distributor of farm supplies. Review the case study in Chapter Seven (7) in the Implementing enterprise risk management: Case studies and best practices textbook to understand the details of their ERM journey.

Answer the following questions regarding this case study: 

1. Why does a more participative management style (“tipping the pyramid over”) lead to greater responsiveness to customers’ needs, increased accountability, and more innovative solutions to challenges than a hierarchical “command and control” structure?

2. Under what circumstances might the hierarchical “command and control” structure produce superior results?

3. What factors do you believe led UGG/ AU to be pioneers in ERM? Was it the industry/ company/ history/ circumstances? Was it a changed organizational “culture” or perhaps good management? Describe the leading factor(s) in your response.

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