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Computer Science homework help

  1. The final examination for the course will be in the form of a Research Projecttaken from the attached list of topics and is due in the last week of class, on May 1st (Friday) at midnight. It can be submitted either through the Blackboard program or directly through the course instructor’s campus email. This will also count as 30% of the student’s final course grade (300 points). What solution would you offer to deal effectively with the Social Problem that you have researched? A grading rubric for this assignment is listed below.

Choice of Topics:

  • Homelessness – research into Habitat for Humanity would be helpful in tackling this subject as well as a study of efforts made by a number of American cities to deal with this problem.
  • Global Response to Pandemics – is one nation (or state) doing a better job of controlling the spread of deadly infectious diseases? The student can choose to focus attention either on a current or past epidemic (such as the COVID-19 virus or the 1918 Flu) or the eradication of a disease such as Polio or Smallpox.
  • Legal and Illegal Immigration– this has been a “hot topic” in the U.S. for the last few years and will undoubtedly come up in the forthcoming Presidential election. How do other countries handle this issue? What should be done with the 15 million immigrants (and their families) who are living and working here illegally? Are border control, immigration and citizenship agencies on the Federal level dealing with these issues effectively?
  •          Legalization of Recreational and/or Medicinal Marijuana – A number of states have legalized or at least decriminalized the use of marijuana either for medical purposes or for recreational use (as with alcohol or tobacco products. How is this social experiment working out? Has the increased revenue in each state lived up to the promises made by its’ proponents? Has there been an increase in crime, illegal drug use or addiction as a result? There is a vast amount of data available for this topic and it would be a great subject for research. What would you recommend?

Grading Rubric for Evaluating your Research Project

TOTAL 300 points Excellent Proficient Fair Inadequate

(60 points)


Thesis is debatable and clearly presented in the opening and concluding sections of the paper.





Thesis is debatable and is evident in the argument but is not clearly stated.



Thesis is unclear, and it takes work for the reader to fish it out of the text. Or, thesis is self-evident and not debatable.

There is no evident thesis.

(60 points)


Argument is presented clearly and logically. Logical points build directly upon the thesis and prior points. Counter-arguments are addressed, dismantled, and folded into the main argument of the essay.



Argument is presented clearly and logically, but points do not necessarily build on each other. Counter arguments are addressed, but many are left hanging or are dealt with inadequately.



Argument is rambling, and there are contradictions left unaddressed. Counter arguments may be presented, but are left unaddressed.



There is no discernable argument, or no alternative interpretation is presented.



(30 points)


 Argument is original and creative. Goes substantially beyond points raised in lecture and readings. Concepts are related to each other in interesting and creative ways.



Argument is strong and interesting but plays it safe and does not push boundaries. Concepts are put in conversation with each other.



Argument is expository rather than analytical. Concepts are described, but dealt with separately and not explicitly related to each other.

Argument is boring, weak and incoherent.
Organization and Writing

(60 points)


Clear organization with a natural flow. Includes an introduction, transition sentences to connect major ideas, and conclusion. There are few or no grammar or spelling errors. Minimal passive voice. Ideas and evidence are correctly cited.



Clear organization, with introduction, transitions and conclusion, but writing is not always fluid. There are several grammar or spelling errors. Ideas and evidence are correctly cited.



Organization is unclear or without necessary component parts. Significant grammar or spelling errors (but not both). Ideas and evidence are correctly cited.



Little discernable organization. Significant grammar and spelling errors. Ideas and evidence are not correctly cited, or not cited at all.


Use of evidence

(60 points)


Each logical point is backed up by one or more examples. Evidence is strong and sufficient to advance the argument. Potential counterarguments are accounted for and addressed with evidence.



Each logical point is backed up by one or more examples. Evidence advances the argument, but it may not be sufficient. Potential counterarguments are accounted for but may not be sufficient.



Several points of the argument are left without evidence. Evidence is insufficient.



A few pieces of evidence are thrown in here or there, but not used to defend the main argument.


Application of Concepts/Reading

(30 points)


Demonstrates solid understanding of the major themes of the course, using readings and lectures to define concepts. Argument is placed within the broad discussions outlined in the course.


Concepts are defined, but the author does not demonstrate a solid understanding of the major themes of the course relevant to the argument.



Course readings are used. Concepts are left undefined, or poorly defined. Little broader framework is used.



Paper mentions course readings, but there is little demonstration of how the paper relates to the course.



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