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Create a change management plan for a specific public health organization.

Question Description

In this assignment, you will create a change management plan for a specific public health organization.

In Module 1, you identified a public health department or organization and created an outline for a change management plan. In this module, you will:

  • Gather information about this organization through a fact-finding mission;
  • Conduct an interview; and
  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation.

Module 1 is attached.

You must complete all three of the following parts to complete this assignment:

Part 1: Research

Provide organizational information by visiting its website or the organization in person. Areas you should gather information about include:

  • Type of facility status [Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Rural Health Clinic (RHC), or Community Health Clinic (CHC)]
  • Organizational mission/goals/objectives
  • Geographic area served
  • Financial condition/statistics, including utilization of grant funds
  • Patient demographics
  • Public health services offered
  • Size/mix of staff
  • Status of accreditation (if any)
  • Description of physical facilities

Part 2: Interview

Follow up your initial research with an interview of a key manager who works at your chosen public health organization. Provide a more detailed picture of internal operations.It can be a mock interview

Part 3: Presentation

Your presentation should include the following two components:

  • Analyze information about the organization to inform the change implementation plan.
  • Make recommendations based on the analysis of information.

Your final product should be a presentation in PowerPoint format, approximately 12–15 slides in length, utilizing a minimum of 5 scholarly sources. Use speaker notes at the bottom of each slide to provide detailed information about the organization. If you know how to insert an audio file, you may use that approach as well. Your goal is to fully inform your audience about your chosen public health organization.

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