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Demonstrate a focused assessment on a particular component of health or wellbeing.

NUR1200: Health Assessment and Nursing Interventions- Essay Writing Assignment


At the end of this exercise students will:
1. Demonstrate an awareness of health assessment as an undertaking which involves bio/psycho/social parameters.
2. Utilise a framework for health assessment.
3. Demonstrate a focused assessment on a particular component of health or wellbeing.
4. Develop research skills by utilising both web resources and academic literature
5. Demonstrate skills in critique
6. Synthesise material from published sources to demonstrate health intervention by nurses.
7. Demonstrate correct academic referencing of both internet-based and published scholarly articles.
8. Utilise electronic submission
9. Demonstrate an ability to work within timeframes (due date).
10. Earn valuable points towards a final grade (20% weighting)

The Assignment for NUR1200 relates to health assessment and health promotion. Although there are sections to the assignment it is expected to be presented as an overall piece. It is expected that you will write a (brief) introduction to the overall assignment and summarise with a conclusion. Imbedded in the assignment is a short essay.

Part 1: Self-health assessment: 
Conduct an assessment of Millie using the posted interview. Utilise a framework for this (and state where the resource was accessed). This can be reported as a table or chart.

Part 2: Focused assessment: 
With one health issue or potential issue (for Millie) conduct a more focused assessment.Describe the issue, and the interventions you would plan for her ongoing care.

Part 3: Internet Health resources: 
With your nominated health issue for Millie, investigate health information from the internet (websites).
1. Research two relevant web sites related to recommendations for this issue.
2. Reflect on whether these web sites give you any insights into health improvements.
3. Critique the useability of this information for implementation into Millie’s nursing care plan.

Part 4: Nursing Intervention for Millie (Essay): 
Introduce the essay and conclude it. Write a short essay (500 words) to propose and explain some appropriate nursing and collaborative strategies for the community nurse to implement to assist Millie with one of her problems. You are to use at least four academic sources for this section for full marks. Three must be journals from a data base, the rest may be from academic texts. Internet sites are not acceptable for this section.

Part 5: Reference list: 
References are listed which you have used in any sections of this assessment (framework for health assessment(s), websites, academic articles, strategies for interventions in the essay)

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