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Discuss the CDC's framework for public health program evaluation.

This assignment must be submitted to TurnItIn. No coping material

QUESTION# 1 350words

Discussion: Health Promotion – Social Marketing

Health Promotion – Social Marketing

Discuss theCDC’s framework for public health program evaluation.

· What is the significance and importance of each step in the process for your particular program?

QUESTION #2 400words

Discussion: Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation

Evaluation is the process of determining the value or worth of a health promotion program or any of its components based on predetermined criteria or standards of acceptability identified by stakeholders.

Describe your evaluation program design in terms of the evaluation processes, i.e., Formative, Process,Summative, Impact and/or Outcome Evaluation. How many evaluation methods fit your plan for program evaluation?


Assignment: Public Health Program (Part 7): Final Project (with Public Health Promotion Evaluation)

Submit Assignment: Public Health Program (Part 7): Final Project (with Public Health Promotion Evaluation)

In week 7, students complete the evaluation section of the public health program plan, i.e., how do you plan to evaluate the effectiveness and quality of outcomes for your public health program after it is implemented.

Program Evaluation Chart Template

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