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Economics homework help

Your Own Financial Plan

instruction starts from 43 mins     I am age 24  rest make up your own

Develop your own financial plan.

Use the spreadsheet. (attach below  ) attached is an example 

Make assumptions.

Write Executive Summary illustrating possible income/wealth gains necessary to support children and home assumptions.

In your Executive Summary includes the following:   


  1. Were you able to have as many or as little kids as initially thought?
  2. Likely age you’ll buy a home.
  3. Savings rates and are they feasible.
  4. Give your current age now, will you be on track?
  5. What is the minimum required investment rate of return necessary to hit your retirement targets at the same time meeting all your other financial obligations?
  6. The reality vs expectations before/after completing this Final Case Study.
  • attachment

  • attachment


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