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English homework help


Choose three colors that you like.

Follow this format:

First color:

Make a list of things that are this color; use natural things or common objects that are this color. This is just a list, about 10-20 things.

Make a list of how different cultures view this color. For instance, red is for “good luck” in China. It can mean other things in different cultures.

Write down some phrases using the color. These are common if you think about it-like “seeing red.”

This next section is a personal recollection about the color – like your grandmother loved the color and so on. This would be in sentences, not a list

“It makes me feel good,” is not the assignment.

Second color: Do the same as above.

Third color: Do the same as above.

Write about each color separately. These are your choices, not just colors of the rainbow. In this instance, you can use color blends, like brown or black and white, tints or shades (pink, maroon). Although it might be easier to find phrases with rainbow colors, like, “feeling blue” rather than “feeling turquoise” or something.

Do your best.

Ask questions.

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