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English homework help

Discussion 4

1. Using the Internet, locate information on how to improve your memory based on your learning style (review Chapter 1).

2. Follow any links you find as you search for new strategies or suggestions to improve your memory, based on your learning style.

3. Make a list of the top three sites that you found and post these on the discussion board.

4. Be sure to explain why you liked these sites, how you plan to use these memory strategies, and how they will help you, and how you implement these memory strategies.

5. Post a minimum of 250 words.

Discussion 5

1. Watch the following video on calculating percentages: Video on percentages.

2. Take notes on this video based on the strategies you learned in the note-taking chapter.

o Which three listening and note-taking strategies did you find were helpful? Why?

o What problems did you have in listening and note-taking?

o How would you eliminate those problems?

3. Your posting should be a minimum of 250 words.

reading your text book 7

1. Select 10 pages to read from a future chapter in our textbook.

2. As you read these 10 pages, put a check mark in the margin every time you stop to think about what you have read and whether you understood it.

3. After you complete the reading assignment, look at the placement of your check marks.

o Do they occur within paragraphs, mainly at the end of paragraphs, at the end of the page, or even less frequently?

o What types of comprehension problems did you experience?

4. Expand on these comprehension issues.

o [For example: When I got to the third paragraph on the page, I forgot what I read in the first paragraph. OR  When I got to the bottom of the page, I forgot the information I just read because I got text from a friend.  OR  The baby was screaming and although I thought I was on track, when I got to page 5, I forgot the contents of the first 5 pages.]


§ Were you distracted while you were reading?

§ How were you distracted?

§ How did you get back on track with the reading assignment?

§ How did this effect your comprehension?

§ What strategies did you use (and will you use) to correct your comprehension problems?

5. Review and explain how you will use at least three of the Tips for Reading College Texbooks.

6. Respond with a minimum of 250 words.

Discussion 6 improving concentration

1. Refer to the Ten Tips for Setting Up a Good Study Environment from your textbook.

2. Carefully review each of the tips.  In fact, if possible, take a picture of these tips with your cell phone so these are easily available to you.

3. Choose three tips that you believe would be highly beneficial to helping you improving your concentration.

4. Explain why you chose each tip, implement it, and report on your results.

5. Your posting should be a minimum of 250 words.

discussion 8 marking your textbook

1. Choose a textbook that is challenging for you to read, where providing textbook marking will be helpful.

2. Read and mark 5 pages in that text.

o What are the specific steps you are using to mark your textbook?

3. Based on your reading for the week, how would you evaluate your textbook markings?

4. Share what is working for you.

5. Explain how you might add three new strategies from Orientation to College Learning to your personal marking system.

6. Provide a minimum of 250 words in your discussion posting.

last discussion Succeeding on finals

We have spent the term learning about strategies to become motivated, set goals, manage time, organize text information, improve concentration, master reading skills, take exams and more.

1. Identify and explain the three most interesting, useful, and applicable ideas that have emerged from our class.

2. Evaluate these three ideas in terms of what makes each one so interesting, useful, and applicable to your success as a student.

3. Support your evaluations by making connections/applications to examples and evidence from your own experience and observations.

4. Provide a minimum of a 250 word response.

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