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Health information

Question Description

From electronic health records (EHR) to telemedicine, the use of information technology is rapidly expanding.
Discuss how individuals, professionals, and organizations use health information. How can health information
improve the provision of quality? Finally, after conducting research, discuss the possible future of information
technology in healthcare.
1.  Title page
2.  Introduction
○  Discuss the importance of health information
○  Discuss how individuals, professionals, and organizations use health information
○  Discuss how health information may improve the provision of quality
○  Discuss the possible future of information technology
3.  Conclusion
4.  References
The Assignment should meet all APA standards, begrammatically correct, appropriate and consistent
research citation and documentation, appropriate graphics to display data and the results of analysis, and
visual materials to support presentation of the overall document. Each section is to be a minimum of two
(2) pages and should include a separate title and reference page.
References are to be scholarly peer reviewed resources ONLY, with a minimum of four (4) references.

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