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Home Environmental science homework help

Wolf ESA Assignment

Review your readings and watch the online NOW show on wolf reintroductions to Yellowstone , then answer the following:


  1. When were wolves reintroduced to Yellowstone? (Note when this video was created to get the right date)


  1. If you were to state the predictions that people had originally about the impact of the reintroduction of wolves in this area what would they have said? Make a prediction for the biologists and one for the ranchers/farmers. For example, as a tourist I would have predicted that a couple of packs (10-30 wolves) would have established themselves in the park but I, and other tourists, would not see them.


Biologists’ prediction


Ranchers’ prediction



  1. What actually has happened since the wolf introductions? Summarize how successful it has been.



  1. What benefits to the ecosystem and trophic system have resulted from the wolf reintroductions? Include the scavengers and plant life in your answer.



  1. What are a few of the remaining issues of concern for the biologists leading the program, for the state wildlife agencies, and for the local ranchers? You should list a few for each group.


Issues for biologists


Issues for state wildlife managers


Issues for ranchers



  1. What is your opinion? Should wolves be on the endangered species list? How should their population be managed in this area?

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