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Information Systems homework help


This is the word problem for the final exam. It is very much like the first two word problems. Why a third word problem? Because repetition is the key! As previously said, most business problems are not laid out in a format that is applicable for databases and data capture. Again, how do we understand, model, and implement certain patterns that are created? These should be outlined in a video and in notes! This is the word problem for the final.

Good luck! – but better to have solid preparation and not need any good fortune =)

This portion of the final exam is worth 75 points.

This portion of the final exam is due on May 5.

The assignment has the following questions/requirements.


  1. For the word problem, identify all values present. (10 points)
    1. This mean pulling all values from the paragraph!


  1. For these values, identify fields, records, and tables for the values. (10 points)
    1. Start by identifying appropriate fields to contain the values
    2. Then, look at the related fields to identify records!
    3. Then, create the appropriate tables for these groups.


  1. From the business rules in the case, identify appropriate links between tables (10 points)
    1. This is creating the PK/FK (Primary Key/Foreign Key) relationship between the tables.
    2. Finally, draw the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) as outlined by the tables identified. Do not include the fields with the tables, as these should be identified above. (25 points)
    1. ERD may NOT be hand drawn; responses must use a program to draw the ERD.
      1. com is a tool others have used in the past
      2. Personally, I use paint or power point


  1. Finally, write the SQL statements that will create the tables and relationships as identified. These statements should have the fields as identified! Do not load the tables with the values identified…not here…(20 points)


The case is as follows:


Sixth-home (SH) (believe it or not, Second-home through Fifth-home are real things…) is a fictional, but real-sounding company for the context of our exam question. Sixth-home specializes in temporary vacation rentals of different types around the world. Originally the brainchild of Janet Castor, a fictional, yet real-sounding person, Sixth-home, for the purposes of our exam, has become an inter-national success. What makes it so successful is that they copied Airbnb’s business model, but instead of linking physical properties, they use temporary lodging in the form of campers, Recreational Vehicles (RV), houseboats, tents, and other non-traditional forms of overnight stay. The secret is the company does not actually own any property! Well…not much of anything. Sixth-home leases office space, information technology infrastructure, and pays employees. But the company does own a proprietary software, WEB (We re-Envision Boarding). Through a proprietary algorithm, WEB links third party owners of  units (campers, Recreational Vehicles, houseboats, tents, and other non-traditional forms of overnight stay). The trick to the business model is getting both the owners of these units and potential customers to link into the WEB system. Owners need to register – both themselves and their unit, providing information about the owner and the different options that they have available through their unit. One owner has seven different units available for rent! For each unit, different details need to be provided. Details include: How many people can sleep in the unit? Does the unit have environmental controls (i.e. heat and/or air conditioning)? Does the unit have food preparation or storage options? What does the owner want to charge for a daily, weekly, or monthly use of the unit? After these options are registered, they are included into the inventory for customers to browse.


Like owners, customers need to register with the WEB system. Once registered, the browsing function of WEB becomes enabled! Once inside WEB, customers can browse, select, and then arrange the rental of a unit from an owner. By putting both customer and owner within a framework to easily rent temporary lodging, Sixth-home is an unusual business worthy of being modeled! For purposes of the exam, where assumptions need to be made, make them in the context of Airbnb. =)



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