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Management homework help

The Institutionalization of Business Ethics

Please read Chapter 4: The Institutionalization of Business Ethics, in Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Case 10th Edition.


This week’s readings/assignment will have to do with the development of an effective ethics program. Having read this chapter, as well as an overview for federal sentencing as how it relates to compliance, provide a document that outlines areas you feel must be covered in an effective ethics program.  This can be a very structural document, as we will go deeper into the issue next week.  The below link can help in developing some ideas/questions:

Compliance & Ethics Programs

While there is no right format to follow, consider giving feedback on each of the following areas:

Ideas to Apply
Areas of Research
Case Studies (Past events to consider)
Open Questions (other things to consider)

Try and focus on one area in specific. For example, a program designed specifically for the medical field, or oil & gas, etc. Additionally, be creative. I don’t expect a manual, but I do expect you to have used your insights and personal touch. Perhaps create a company with a mission/vision, and the go into what applies to this company based on lessons learned, business climate, potential future risks, etc.

This should be no shorter than 2 full pages.

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