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me Human Resource Management homework help

You are an Organizational Consultant at Hatched Consulting.
You are hired to assist a new medical supply chain business, Newman MedCare. Newman
MedCare has been thriving for over 50 years but recently has experienced high levels of
turnover, and workplace bullying. Turnover is costing the company a great deal of money. HR
directors cannot seem to hire the ‘right’ people for the job. Your goal is to reduce turnover and
diagnosis (understand) the cause of workplace bullying.
The senior-level consultant will likely see your formal recommendation letter. This letter could
help you get a promotion to consulting bigger organizations and having more responsibility. In
this letter, it is important for you to clearly outline each of your recommendations including
definitions, and rationale.
You have some advice from your college advisor who is a successful business consultant. Using
the advice from your college advisor is a MUST!
Advice from College Advisor:
– Before solving a problem attempt to diagnose the root cause of the problem. Explore
your understanding of concepts across all three levels of analysis to understand possible
causes. When delivering results to a client always make sure that the cause of the
problem is clearly explained. To increase your level of perceived competence you might
want to outline how you deduced the particular root cause.
– Provide more than one possible cause and include the rationale for each – preferably
two or more.
– Outline THREE questions you would want to ask to understand the cause of the problem
(workplace bullying).
o Asking questions as a consultant is paramount. Some clients might think you are
a ‘know it all’ or uninterested in their organization if you fail to ask good
questions. Good questions are a great way to help diagnose the cause of a
workplace problem.
o How to ask a good question?
▪ Think about the possible reasons for a problem and ask specific questions
that could validate or invalidate the possible causes.
● For example, if the problem is a lack of productivity I might want
to ask the following question:
o Is there an adequate amount of feedback provided to
▪ This question aims to target the level of motivation
employees may have towards their job. Feedback
can increase motivation. If employees lack
feedback they may also lack motivation which can
cause a dip in productivity.
▪ Also include the rationale for the questions asked. See the above
– Draft ONE reason why the problem (workplace bullying) could happen in any
o Demonstrate that you are not new to this by drafting out why a particular
problem is likely to happen in an organization. Make sure to provide an
evidence-based rationale.
You also have a letter that your colleague Raymond Mayer proposed to another business. His
business had an issue with productivity. You can use his letter as a reference or guide. His letter
includes notes made by the senior-level consultant. Pay attention to the notes to help make
sense out of your assignment.
Letter from Raymond Mayer:
Hi Colleague,
I heard you were assigned a new case. I thought I could provide some support! I have attached
a short recommendation letter to this email. I hope it helps!
Raymond Mayer
Letter of Recommendation for Increased Productivity at EdCor (Sample Letter)
Productivity refers to the degree to which workplace employees can successfully transform
inputs into desirable outputs. A decrease in productivity could be caused by many workplace
processes (1). In some cases, productivity suffers due to the organizational structure.
Organizational structure refers to the way in which job duties and tasks are organized and
divided within an organization (2). There are 7 elements that help define an organization’s
structure: work specialization, departmentalization, chain of command, span of control,
centralization, formalization, boundary spanning (3). In the case of EdCor, there is a break in the
chain of command that is causing a decrease in productivity (4). The workplace needs to look at
the chain of command and see where there is a breakdown.
1. Clearly defines the problems. Your client is able to see your competence. Also, you are
making sure the reader is aware of your formal definition allowing for more clarity.
However, “many workplace processes” is a little vague.
2. If outlines and defines the suggested cause.
3. It outlines the elements of organizational structure but does not define each. This is a
negative aspect of the recommendation letter.
4. There is no mention of how Raymond knows that a break in the chain of command is
the cause. What is an example of a break in the chain of command? How can someone
see a break in the chain of command? This is a negative aspect of the recommendation
5. Raymond Mayer did not include how he came to the conclusion of organizational
structure and productivity this is a major negative aspect.
6. Raymond did not get a promotion after this assignment, so you have to do a little
Typically individuals who get promotions have recommendation letters that are 2-4 pages long
double spaced. Their letters often demonstrate a great deal of content knowledge. Great
consultants can take a big issue problem and break it up into digestible action steps.
When you spoke with your college advisor about this opportunity she told you to start with a
draft first and ask for feedback from the senior-level consultant prior to the deadline (your
Professor). In this case, you may want to complete a draft and send it in sometime around
March! This recommendation letter is due April 21st.

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