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Medical Center.

Assume that you are leading a clinical operations team at GW Medical Center. As you answer each question, think about how you would behave in the workplace. For example, the first question is “When assigning tasks, I consider people’s skills and interests.” As a manager, would you do that very often, often, sometimes, rarely, or not at all?

Go to: Mind Tools Editorial Team. How Good Are Your Leadership Skills?

Complete the leadership skills questionnaire. After you answer all questions, click on the “Calculate My Total” button. You may have to set up a free account in order to get your total. 

After you get your total score, scroll down to see how you scored on each Personal Characteristic:


Positive Attitude and Outlook

Emotional Intelligence

Providing a Compelling Vision of the Future

Motivating People to Deliver the Vision

Being a Good Role Model

Managing Performance Effectively

Providing Support and Stimulation

Write a one-page report answering the following questions:

Based on the description provided what does your score mean in terms of leadership skills?

Which personal characteristics did you score highest?

Which personal characteristics did you score lowest?

What suggestions for improving your leadership skills, did this website provide for you? 

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