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Nursing-Personal Philosophy of Registered Nursing

Nursing-Personal Philosophy of Registered Nursing

The subject of the paper is my Personal Philosophy of Registered Nursing. The paper must start with defining the word philosophy. Please use and cite your reference for this definition. Then write your personal philosophy of registered nursing. The focus of this paper is on the application of your philosophy on the following concepts of: person, nursing, health, environment, nursing practice, education, administration and research. A description of each of the above mentioned components of your personal philosophy of registered nursing should be presented in this paper in an organized and systematic manner. The content should flow and be easy to read. Please use bold subheadings to make the paper easier to follow. The paper should begin with an introduction and end with a conclusion. The paper must be in APA format, double spaced, clear, correct grammar and spelling. This paper should be between 2 to 4 pages long. There is no right or wrong philosophy; however, the paper must show original work and follow instructions. Again, the following is the content of the paper: see attached rubric with detailed instructions.

1. Introduction
2. Definition of word philosophy
3. Reference for the word philosophy
4. Your personal philosophy of registered nursing
5. Concepts: Each concept should have at least a paragraph (minimum 4 sentences). The information must be meaningful. Please do not write meaningless information. Each concept has to have a bold Sub-Heading. The concepts are the following:

6. Person
7. Nursing
8. Health
9. Environment
10. Nursing Practice
11. Education
12. Administration
13. Research
14. Conclusion
15. APA format: Double space, clear, correct grammar and spelling

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