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Nursing Technology, health and medicine.

Question Description

APA format*** 1 paragraph for the response below***at least 4-5 sentences each paragraph***2 References***

Hi Amelia,

You have a great discussion of the topic. I support the notion that “errors are also more likely to transpire if nurses are not involved in the implementation electronic Health Information Technology (HIT).” In specific terms, the new HIT system development to enrich the nursing health care processes should follow an innovative strategy to stimulate the end users to utilize the technological potentials (Alkhafaji, Salah Sriram, B 2012). The nurses cannot hope, any more than software designers can, that the new HIT system itself will strongly affect the ways in which the end users, particularly nurses, regardless of the assessment schedules put in place or the resource restrictions under which the nurses work. In health care systems, technology systems simplify the workload, which is manually done, hence successful end results. The nurse could contribute ideas such as; the areas to be given more attention in the first step of the process, helping in the analysis process, as well as, implementation and maintenance of the project in her own knowledge and experience. The consequences of not involving the nurse, could be, lack of proper ideas to get beginner analysis and implementation, the end user’s inability to operate the new HIT system. Additionally, the project could fail, because the nurses as the end user could miss the basic requirements of operating this system. The end user feels obliged to the whole process of planning of the new HIT system, because the basic part of the operation depends on the understanding of the entire planning from the first step to the last. Therefore, it is imperative for the end user to contribute in selecting and implementing new technology (Alkhafaji, Salah Sriram, B 2012).


Alkhafaji, Salah Sriram, B (2012): Education Software Development Life Cycle Stages Chinese Business review, Vol. 11 Issue 1, p128-137, 10p retrieved from ebscohost machine.

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