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Operations Management homework help

The required components (and approximate length guidelines) of Chapter 2 include:

Introduction (5 pages)

Theoretical/Conceptual Framework (5-10 pages)

 Themes or Subtopics (30 pages)

Summary (1 page)



Chapter 2 also includes an in-depth discussion and reason for selection of the theoretical or conceptual framework used to frame your study. Remember the journals used in your literature and throughout your dissertation must be no later than 5 years from the data of your final manuscript submission so focus on current, peer-reviewed articles for the past 3 years. You may also use seminal works to a limited extent, especially in terms of your framework.


A good starting point is to review annotated bibliographies that you have completed in your content courses, with a critical eye toward studies that might be relevant to explaining the need to investigate your dissertation topic. As you expand your literature review, you will use relevant studies to develop the depth necessary for your own study and identify how your topic is related to past and current research, including how the problem fits in the broader context of society and then narrowing the information specifically to the purpose of the study. You will use the information you locate to help provide a historical context for the problem and demonstrate the significance of your study. By examining and interpreting others’ research, you also will identify key concepts and other variables related to your problem as well as consider research methods, approaches, and theories used. This also will assist you in bridging between your Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 information.


A challenge that students face when writing Chapter 2 is synthesizing the information in a scholarly manner. Rather than summarizing one study after the next (like an annotated bibliography or a list of research), be sure to summarize the literature around themes and allow several authors to “speak” at once, creating a dialogue about a topic between multiple researchers and their findings. Your review should not read like a book report (one author or study after another), instead, you should strive to construct sentences and paragraphs that reflect multiple sources in one reference. This means that the majority of your citations should look like this (Smolka & Walters, 2013; Walters, Smolka, & Young, 2014).


A strong dissertation also includes a literature review chapter that is at least 40 pages, which may be a bit overwhelming at first. However, you will expand Chapter 2 throughout this course by adding sections and information for each of your major themes to document synthesis of supporting evidence. As you add research to your literature review, remember to add the reference to the reference list. This simple step will help maintain a balance from the review text to the references. Likewise, if you remove a citation from your narrative, be sure to remove the corresponding reference within your references.


Be sure to use current literature (studies conducted within the last 5 years) as the primary focus of inquiry and support because the currency of this information captures the most recent research conducted relevant to what is known, or still waiting to be uncovered, related to your selected problem and topic. Seminal work can be included, provided they are directly related to your selected problem. Seminal works provide the foundational information for what has been established or known about the problem in the field and often presents key theoretical frameworks to guide your own research study.


You should be using annotation software to help you track and organize your references. Must be in APA.


Please look at this reference:


Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Intelligence, and Job Performance Stéphane Côté, Christopher T. H. Miners Administrative Science Quarterly, vol. 51, 1: pp. 1-28

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