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Research and discuss the current regulations that apply to the Enrolled Nurse regarding intravenous medications.

HLTEN519C: Nursing standards -Nursing assignment Question- Part A Research and discuss the current.. 

HLTEN519C: Nursing standards -Nursing assignment


Part A 
Research and discuss the current regulations/restrictions that apply to the Enrolled Nurse regarding intravenous medications. 
You will need to review the current literature available from the following organisations that govern professional standards of practice, and make reference to them in your answer: 
• The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board 
• The Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency 
• The Queensland Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996 
• Workplace policies and guidelines (relevant to your workplace/ an example is available to you in my.TAFE)

Part – B

Case Scenario 
You are working on an evening shift, when you receive a phone call from Dr Whippell. He explains to you that he has received the wound swab results for Mrs Ella Smith, and orders via phone the following intravenous medications: 
• Benzylpenicillin 1 gram QID 
• Gentamicin 3mg/kg Daily 
You are required to answer the following questions in the relation to the above case scenario. 
Question 1 Discuss the legal requirements for the oral prescription (phone order) and the documentation required. 
Question 2 Discuss the oral communication skills you could employ to ensure that the oral prescription is correct. 
Question 3 Mrs Ella Smith weighs 80kg- what dose of Gentamicin would be required? 
The following stock of Gentamicin is on hand- 80mg/2ml. What volume of Gentamicin would you draw up?

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