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Social Science homework help



“Tango Music: Live from the WRTI 90.1 Performance Studio” from September of this year. The link is below:



Answer the following questions:


  • What instruments can you identify in in this concert?


  • Describe the dancing performed.


  • How many performers are there and where are they from?


  • What did the bandoneon performer say about his instrument?


  • How many pieces were performed?


  • What did the piano player say about the piece he arranged and performed?


  • What did the director of the school have to say about the history of Tango?


  • Where you able to identify any musical forms? If so, what were they?


  • Did you enjoy the concert? If so why? If not, why?


  • What else did you notice about this concert?


Bonus Question: Where is the bandoneon made (hint: the performer told you in the concert)?



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