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Social Science homework help

COMM 166 Final Research Proposal Guidelines


The proposal should contain well-developed sections (Put clear titles on the top of each section) of your outline that you submitted earlier. The proposal should have seven (7) major sections:


  1. Introduction: A brief overview of all your sections. Approx. one page


  1. A summary of the literature review. In this section you would summarize the previous research (summarize at least 8-10 scholarly research articles), and also your field data collection results (if it was connected to your proposal topic). Also indicate the gaps in the previous research, including your pilot study, and the need for your research study. Please devote around three pages in reviewing the previous research and finding the gaps.


  1. Arising from the literature review, write the Purpose Statement of your research (purpose statement should have all its parts clearly written. Follow the examples from textbook).


  1. Identify two to three main hypotheses or research questions (based on the quantitative/qualitative research design). Also give some of your supporting research questions. Follow the examples from textbook.


  1. Describe the research strategy of inquiry and methods that you would use and why. The method part should be the substantial part of your paper, around three Define your knowledge claims, strategies, and methods from the textbook (and cite), why you chose them, and how you will conduct the research in detail.


  1. A page on the significance of your study.


  1. A complete reference list of your sources in APA style.


The total length of the paper should be between 8-10 pages (excluding the reference and cover pages).


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Best wishes


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