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Sociology homework help

  1. Define the term rape culture. Identify three examples of rape culture that you’ve observed in your life.  What was the impact of these examples on your own life, or what do you think their impact is on young women? What messages are these examples saying about the value of girls and women in our society? Describe actions you can take as an individual to challenge rape culture.  Finally, describe what we (as a society) need to do to eradicate rape culture. How would your life be different if rape culture didn’t exist?


  1. Explain the term reproductive justice. Where did this term develop from?  Name 4 issues that are part of the reproductive justice movement.  Describe how the reproductive justice movement uses intersectionality to expand and challenge the “choice” narrative.


  1. Identify a tv show, movie, or short film that you think adopts a feminist stance (i.e. a feminist perspective, way of looking at the world). Describe the characters and highlight what the show is doing right.  Then, describe examples of stereotypes, myths, or misperceptions that might be problematic in the show.  Who is the target audience of the show?  Do you think that this show can have  a positive impact on social change?  Support your answer with specific examples.  Did your own perceptions of this show change after participating in this class?  If yes, how?


  1. Identify 3 distinct types of privilege that are social constructed in our society today.  Give examples that you’ve observed or are aware of that demonstrated each type of privilege you’ve identified.  Then, describe steps you’d take to use that privilege for social change, using the principles of feminist praxis as described in our textbook.





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