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What are the three leading causes of death among older adults in the United States?

What are the three leading causes of death among older adults in the United States? What steps can we take to prevent each of these causes of mortality?

What is the relationship between coronary heart disease, atheroschlerosis, hypertension, thrombosis, and excess body fat? What factors are thought to lead of these conditions?

What are the main causes of accidents among the elderly? What can be done to help prevent accidents of the elderly?

Explain the following theories of aging and the implications of these theories for delaying aging: programmed theories, immunological theories, damage theories, and theories of free radicals.

What physiological and sociopsychological factors compound nutritional problems for the very old?

Why is exercise important for the elderly? What kind of exercise helps the elderly?
List of the normal biological changes that occur with age. What lifestyle changes can counteract these changes? What can be changed?

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