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What does differentiated instruction mean?

1.What are your personal thoughts on the use of electronics by
children in and out of the classroom? At what ages do you find
electronic use most appropriate? What advice would you give parents
regarding the appropriate amount of time for electronic use?

2. If you suspected that a student was not receiving proper nutrition at home, what actions might you take? Be specific.

3. Reflect upon the saying “failing to plan is planning to fail”
in regards to effective lesson planning. Explain how an unprepared
teacher negatively affects a teacher’s instruction and his or her

4. Conduct research relating to differentiated instruction. What
does differentiated instruction mean? How can a teacher incorporate this
concept into their lesson planning? How do student’s benefit from


Benchmark – Wellness Fair  

In this benchmark assignment, you will be planning a Wellness Fair
for the students and families of your kindergarten class. The Wellness
Fair will incorporate the mini-lesson plans you previously created in
this course. You will also create a digital invitation to the Wellness

Part 1: Mini-Lessons Rationale

In preparation for the Wellness Fair, review the health, nutrition,
safety, and fitness mini-lessons you designed throughout the course.

In 250-500 words, write a rationale explaining your instructional
decisions for each wellness lesson. Make sure to include how those
decisions directly support the characteristics and needs of the “Class
Profile” students.

Part 2: Wellness Fair Event Plan

Health, safety, nutrition, and fitness are topics you have been
teaching to your kindergarten students through your mini-lessons;
however, it is also beneficial to educate the families on the same
topics. Therefore, your goal in this section is to design a wellness
fair to educate the families on these topics so they can support their
children at home more successfully. 

In order for the fair to be effective, you will need community
support to assist in providing educational booths in the areas of
health, nutrition, safety, and fitness. For this part of the assignment,
you will create a 1,000-1,250 word plan outlining the wellness fair for
your students’ families, including how you will involve the community.

Include the following in your plan:

· Agenda: Outline the timing for each activity during the event in a simple agenda format.

· Welcome: Briefly describe how you will introduce the event to all participants.

· Opening Activity: Plan an opening activity for the families and
children that will explain the purpose of the wellness event with the
community and promote shared values and expectations in creating a
healthy, respectful, and challenging learning environment.

· Community Resource Booths: Outline four community resource booths
that will provide information on health, safety, nutrition, and fitness
(one booth per topic). Include a community resource you will invite to
represent the topic, 3-4 interesting and important statistics relating
to the booth’s topic and young children, and a 50-100 word description
of why that topic is important to the development of young children.
Briefly describe how each booth will address the needs of children in
the class both with and without exceptionalities, based on the “Class

· Closing Activity: Plan a closing activity for the families and
children that employs strategies and opportunities to ensure future
collaboration with families while pursuing the well-being of students in
the areas of health, nutrition, safety, and fitness.

· Rationale: Write a 250-500 word rationale explaining how the
Wellness Fair supports collaboration between faculty, students,
families, and the larger community. In addition, discuss why this
collaboration is vital to promoting children’s development and learning,
including children with exceptionalities.

Support your plan with 2-3 scholarly resources.

Part 3: Digital Wellness Fair Invitation

Create a digital invitation to promote the Wellness Fair to families,
colleagues, and the community as well as share information about the
growth of young children in the areas of health, safety, nutrition, and
fitness.  The invitation should be concise, visually appealing for the
audience, encourage participation and collaboration, and include 2-3
resources that support the content.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA
Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not

Submit all three parts as one submission. Parts 1 and 2 may be delivered as one Word document.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning
the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.

College of Education (COE) program competencies and national standards assessed in the benchmark assignment:

COE 1.1

Create developmentally appropriate instruction that addresses young
children’s characteristics and needs including strengths, interests, and
needs that enable each student to advance and accelerate his or her
learning. [CEC 1.2; NAEYC 1a; InTASC 1(b); GCU Mission Critical 2]


Collaborate with students and colleagues to develop shared values and
expectations to create healthy, respectful, supportive, and challenging
learning environments for young children. [CEC 7.3; NAEYC 1c; InTASC
3(c), 3(f)]

COE 1.6

Collaborate with students, colleagues, families, and the larger
community to plan for children’s development and learning using
data-based information. [CEC 7.1; NAEYC 2c; InTASC 1(a), 1(c), 2(f)]

COE 5.8

Collaborate with students, peers, families, and community members
using digital tools and resources to support student success and
innovation. [CEC 7.2; NAEYC 2c, 6c, 6d; InTASC 9(d), 10(d), 10(e),
10(g), 10(k); ISTE-T 3b]

COE 5.9

Use collaboration to promote the well-being of individuals with
exceptionalities across a wide range of settings and collaborators. [CEC
7.3; NAEYC 2c, 6c; InTASC 10(j)]

6. You have been asked to create a professional development
presentation for early childhood educators on the topics of mental
health and bullying.

Create a 15-20 slide presentation that includes a title slide, reference slide, and presenter’s notes. 

Within your presentation include:

· A child’s social-emotional developmental milestones and worldview for ages K-3.

· The effect of stress and the environment on the social-emotional development of a child.

· At least 2-3 activity ideas to incorporate whole group social skill lessons promoting positive peer interactions.

· At least 2-3 strategies for identifying bullying behavior and/or mental health concerns in young children.

· At least 2-3 community resources for both families and teachers concerning children’s social-emotional development.

Support your presentation with 3-5 scholarly resources.

While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment,
solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references
should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be
found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

7. Discuss environmental factors that can affect the mental
health of early childhood students. Identify possible signs of mental
health issues and a recommended resource to share with families or other
educators in properly dealing with concerns.

8. In Leviticus 19:18 it states, “You shall not take vengeance or
bear a grudge against the sons of your own people, but you shall love
your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord.”  Discuss how this passage
relates to bullying and how you will incorporate it into your teaching. 

9. Academic relationships are critical to your success at GCU.
These relationships include faculty members, student service counselors,
and student engagement. After reviewing the week’s resources, how would
these relationships be important to your success? Please provide
specific examples of relationships you plan to develop and why.

10. Support groups are especially important when transitioning into
the higher education environment. What support system(s) do you
currently have in place? What support groups are available to you at
home/community? If you currently do not have a support system(s) or
group(s), how will you create a support group that best reflects you,
and your academic and personal wellness support needs?

11. For this assignment, you will answer a series of questions
designed to help you find and plan your purpose. These questions are
broken into an Academic Plan, a Spiritual Plan, and a Career Plan. Use
the attached document titled “Purpose Plan” to complete the assignment.

12. What happens if you do not pass a class? What are your
financial responsibilities when you drop a class or fail a class? What
do you have as a backup plan?

Please read the article “Make a Plan to Manage Personal Finances” by
Michael Scheibach found in the Course Materials. This article lists 10
money saving strategies. Choose three of these strategies and discuss
how they will help your personal budget? What additional tips or
budgeting strategies do you use that were not mentioned in this article?

13. In 250‐500 words, using the resources in the Topic
Materials, please address the following questions using the attached GCU
Style template.

1. Based on the objectives and resources from this week, what do you
feel is the main idea you learned about personal finance and financial

2. In what ways will the tips you read in the topic articles guide your decisions in the coming months?

3. What areas do you feel you need to grow?

4. Taking into account your program of study and potential salary/pay, what impact will that have on your financial security?

Be sure to use the attached GCU Style template to complete the assignment.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to
beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for
successful completion.

14. During your time here at GCU you might be asked to use Microsoft Excel. This assignment will help you to see some of the basic functions of Excel. As you complete the steps in the worksheet, notice the changes within the cells. For further information on Microsoft Excel, go to:

Use the attached document to complete the assignment.





Topic 4 Purpose Plan: Academic, Spiritual Life, and Career

Directions:For this assignment, you will answer a series
of questions designed to help you find and plan your purpose. These
questions are broken into an Academic Plan, a Spiritual Plan, and a
Career Plan.
Please respond to each of the questions directly on this document
(the boxes will expand as needed).

Academic Plan

To help you get the most out of your campus experience, our departments, offices on campus, offer services, events, and resources that enhance your academic pursuits and help you experience Lope life. Find your major and program on the following website and complete the table below:

In which program of study are you enrolled? Or plan to enroll.
Identify some of the program core courses you are looking forward to taking?
Which courses do you anticipate being the most challenging? Explain why.

Spiritual Plan

GCU is committed to integrating faith across all aspects of the GCU community, which stems from GCU’s mission to educate students from a Christian perspective and to prepare them for careers that honor God while serving others. Read through GCU’s “One Foundation” and watch the three videos of President Brian Mueller and Dean Jason Hiles, “Integration of Faith, Learning, and Work,” “Ethical Positions Statement,” and “Doctrinal Statement Introduction,” located at

What did you take-away from these videos? How can you apply this to your experience while at GCU? (50-100 words)
What does service outside of the classroom mean to you? How can you apply service while at GCU? (50-100 words)

Career Plan

Grand Canyon University offers several career service tools to help you discover potential career paths, build a resume, search for employment, and more. Take a few minutes to take the 5 Assessments within the Career Compass located at (Access Code: Purpose). Even if you have completed an assessment such as this in the past, it is good to reassess yourself every so often to reevaluate your goals, focus, and direction based on your growth.

After you complete the survey, fill in the following table:

Based on your Career Compass results, research the details. Then describe at least three job descriptions. 1.



Based on your results, what surprises did you find? If there are none, explain why. (100-150 words)
After completing your current program/degree, what is your plan? (grad school, internship, career plan, etc.)


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