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Write a 12 page paper on a “self-analysis” and a “helper relationship” analysis

Write a 12 page paper on a “self-analysis” and a “helper relationship” analysis. Primary material will be based on excerpt from Linda Seligman’s 2008 text (attached), Fundamental Skills for Mental Health Professionals (pp. 124-137). Primary material for the helper relationship analysis can be found in – Mark Young’s book, Learning the Art of Helping. 
Part 1: Self-Analysis (Early Recollections, Genogram, Lifeline) On the section concerning “early recollections” focus on earliest memories that provide some insight into your life, including painful memories, conflicts, happy times, special friendships or specific experiences that mean something to you. Follow Seligman’s guidelines in eliciting, processing and analyzing 3 memories. On the section concerning the “genogram”, draw a 3 generation (brief) genogram and follow the questions Seligman offers on developing a genogram; include a strength-based analysis and birth-order analysis in addition to the other points of enquiry identified in the text. On the section concerning the “lifeline” or “life chronology” follow Seligman’s outline and analysis questions. 
Part 2: Helper Relationship Analysis Review Mark Young’s book – Learning the Art of Helping. Identify and briefly discuss ten (10) themes that you consider important in building an effective, therapeutic helping relationship. Draw your themes from at least five (5) of the chapters in the book and feature ideas that will help you develop new and better counseling skills. 
Paper must be written on a Masters Level well organized, free of grammatical errors, thoughtful and give evidence of scholarly work. APA style must be used in the citations and reference list. The papers should have a cover sheet and free of plagiarism. Paper will be ran through a plagiarism checker before payment is released. 

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