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write a scholarly paper (minimum of 3000 to maximum 3500 words) that evaluates a health information technology.

PDR-234941 Assignment #2: Health Information Technology Critique- SCHOLARLY PAPER [FINAL]] Assignment #2: Health Information Technology Critique- SCHOLARLY PAPER [FINAL] Objective: The student will write a scholarly paper (minimum of 3000 to maximum 3500 words) that evaluates a health information technology /clinical health information system (CIS): healthcare website, social media, mobile application, electronic health record, patient portal, or other e-health tool) for its effectiveness, ease of navigation, health-related content, and technology design. If we have to choose one of the above areas to write about then I would like to choose: ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORD.Please call or text em if you have any questions. The paper must address how the health information technology addresses the manner in which it can accommodate populations with specific needs (limited literacy, ethnic, vulnerable populations or other limitations of its intended audience) and cite the added value of the health technology to consumers? Identify any relevant limitations or deficits and provide suggestions to enhance or improve through the use of technology. A discussion of your findings in a formal APA 6th edition scholarly format should include: A defined clinical problem in health care, such as care delivery, access, staffing, reimbursement, etc. Detailed exploration of the health information technology: one clinical information system or the comparison of two CISs which support the identified clinical issue. A proposed technology implementation to address/solve the clinical problem.

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